Primacy Lamination Duplex (Double Sided)


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Product Description

There are a number of encoding options. Please call for further information.

  • Printing: Single-sided, Double-sided
  • Encoding: Magnetic stripes, Smart contact, Smart contactless
  • Card lifespan: +3 years
  • Number of cards per year: More than 30,000
  • Card security level: Very High

An all-in-one system for long-life cards

Primacy Lamination is an all-in-one, affordable system for:

  • Encoding,
  • Colour sublimation printing and monochrome thermal transfer,
  • And laminating your cards, with or without holograms.

Your ID cards will have maximum durability and a high level of security. Laminating your cards will prevent incidents of fraud.

This system is ideal for producing secure cards such as:

  • Secure employee badges,
  • Driver’s licenses,
  • Resident cards,
  • Military or police ID badges,
  • Airport access control badges,
  • Social security cards

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Additional Information

Printer Option

PM1H0000RDL0 – Primacy Lamination Duplex Expert Fire Red Expert printer without option, USB & Ethernet


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