• Featuring rewritable printing, inline magnetic stripe encoding, a unique ultraviolet (UV) printing security feature and intuitive operation, the SD160 card printer provides security and simplicity while protecting your bottom line. Launch Your ID card program with the right mix of affordability, security and simplicity Get one reliable system for producing full-colour or monochrome cards, plus […]

    from £585.03
  • SD260 Plastic ID Card Printer The SD260 card printer puts value right on your desktop. Save time and increase workday efficiency with this best-in-class card printer, ideal for many ID card issuance and badging applications. Produce vibrant and crisp images with TrueMatch™ printing technology Experience extreme reliability with TruePick™ card handling Support your environmental commitments […]

    from £618.27
  • SD360 Automatic Dual Sided ID Card Printer Bring even more value to your desktop with the Datacard® SD360™ card printer. Increase productivity and save work time by issuing secure, two-sided ID cards and badges with this best-in-class card printer. Ideal applications include small- to medium-sized businesses, schools, clubs and hospitals. Save time with automatic two-sided […]

    from £881.73
  • D460 Smart Card Printer, Encoder and Laminator Enhanced security and durability for desktop card printing, encoding, and laminating As counterfeiting and alteration attempts have grown more sophisticated, so have the card security features that let you easily verify identity and authenticity. The Datacard® SD460™ card printer delivers everything you need to increase the security and […]

    from £1,874.00
  • The Datacard SP25 Plus card printer delivers high-quality rewritable cards for healthcare, education, transportation, retail and many other applications. This unique printer gives card issuers an affordable way to change the information on existing photo IDs and cards instantly, without the time and cost of reissuance. 2 printers in one. The SP25 Plus combines standard […]

    from £698.36
  • AV1H0000BD Avansia Duplex Expert Printer without option, USB & Ethernet AV1HB000BD Avansia Duplex Expert Mag ISO Printer with Mag ISO Dual HiCo/LoCo 3-track magnetic stripe encoder, USB & Ethernet AV1H0HLBBD Avansia Duplex Expert Smart & Contactless Printer with Evolis Elyctis Dual Smart Card and Contactless (IDENTIV chipset) Encoder, USB & Ethernet AV1H0VVCBD Avansia Duplex Expert […]

    from £3,056.00
  • An economical complete solution and easy to use

    Evolis presents the Badgy200 solution designed to help you print professional-quality colour badges with perfect ease.

    Badgy200 full-fills all your needs for graphic personalization and instant card production, as single cards or in small batches.

    Badgy200 is ideal for producing personalized cards:

    • Staff ID badges
    • School ID cards
    • Membership cards
    • Loyalty cards
    • Event badges
    • Visitor badges


    As part of our eco-design system aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of our products, Evolis:

    • uses recycled materials in the manufacture of its printers and consumables whenever possible,
    • designs compact and lightweight card printers to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation and packaging,
    • reduces the power consumption of its printers through a very economical hibernation mode.

    the brochure

  • Speed and versatility The Primacy printer is ultra fast, powerful, and efficient. Using advanced encoding technologies, this office printer is the ideal solution for printing personalized cards, from the simplest to the most secure. Available as single or double-sided, Primacy especially meets card printing and encoding needs for medium and large runs. Primacy is ideal […]

    from £1,269.00
  • There are a huge array of encoding options. Please call for more details

    from £999.00
  • The power of an industrial card printer. The flexibility of a desktop printer The Quantum card  printer is the solution for printing and encoding cards in large volumes.  It personalizes the cards front and back, in colour or monochrome, with a printing speed of more than 1000 cards per hour. Quantum combines the feel of […]

  • The best solution for temporary cards and badges Tattoo RW is an Evolis printer for single-sided rewritable cards. It effortlessly matches all your expectations when it comes to flexibility, affordability, sustainable development, and regular data updates. Tattoo RW is the ultimate solution for your temporary badges and cards that require regular updates. With Tattoo RW, your cards are updated whenever required, while a same […]

    from £945.00
  • User -friendly, compact and cost-effective solution The Zenius printer is designed for single-sided printing of any type of plastic cards. Zenius generates colour or monochrome cards, individually or in small runs, with top quality results. Zenius is ideal for instant issuance of single sided cards: Employee badges Access control badges Membership cards Loyalty cards / gift […]

    from £759.00
  • The HID FARGO C50 plastic ID card printer offers a simple and reliable solution – at a price everyone can afford.  Plug-and-play, the C50 can create personalized plastic ID cards for membership and loyalty cards, casino employee IDs, or visitor badges for schools whenever and wherever you need them, in five minutes or less. Featuring […]

    from £640.19
  • The ideal card printing solution for small businesses, schools, and local governments, the HID® FARGO® DTC1250e ID card printer and encoder is the fastest printer in its class, allowing you to produce 50% more visually-rich, full-colour credentials in the same amount of time. Its small, compact footprint makes it easy to use in a variety […]

    from £578.10
  • From plastic loyalty and photo ID cards to more sophisticated access cards with embedded electronics, HID Global’s professional-grade FARGO DTC4250e ID card printer and encoder is able to produce large quantities of extremely durable credentials both quickly and easily. Ideal for small to mid-size businesses, schools, and local government agencies that require reliable printing, the […]

    from £881.00
  • With the HID FARGO DTC4500e plastic card printers and encoder, you get professional quality, full-colour credentials. Designed for medium-to-large sized organizations, schools, and government institutions looking for reliable, long-term card printing and encoding solutions. HID Global’s professional-grade DTC4500e plastic card printer and encoder withstands the daily demands of high-volume card printing. Additional security features – […]

    from £1,322.37
  • Superior print quality, higher reliability and durability, greater security – your photo ID cards will have all these qualities when you print and encode them with the affordable and versatile HDP5000 ID card printer and encoder. High Definition Printing® gives you superior print quality, even on smart cards with embedded electronics, for a more impressive […]

    from £1,600.65
  • The HID FARGO HDP8500 industrial ID card printer and encoder is the superior industrial ID printer for extended-run, high throughput ID personalization and issuance. It’s especially suited for large government ID card programs and laborious service bureau conditions, as well as demanding university and large enterprise environments. Solid metal cabinetry and precision-engineered interior components create […]

    from £4,145.00